Toy Soldiers by Andrew Rose

Despite being published in 1985 and long since out of print, Andrew Rose’s book “The collector’s all-colour guide to Toy Soldiers” is undoubtedly one of the best references for the amateur collector of old toy soldiers.

Toy Soldiers by Andrew Rose

The book contains 127 pages with hundreds of colour pictures of toy soldiers from all the main manufacturers with a short but informative text for each picture.

Inevitably, the book is dominated by Britains figures – as Britains were by far the biggest and most diverse producer of hollowcast lead toy soldiers – and it is weakest on American dimestore figures, which are a huge field for collectors in their own right.

Serious collectors will probably prefer more detailed reference books or, more likely, a library of books for different types and manufacturers, but if you are a casual collector like myself and want a single, easy-to-read manual, this book is an absolute must.

Secondhand copies are available from Amazon for as little as £1 – which seriously under-values this excellent book.